The initial meeting was conducted on February 6, 2021 through online gmeet.  It was attended by 12 old and new members. Another meeting is scheduled immediately on the next week.

Among the things discussed was the need to update profiles on and transfer their memberships to IECEP NEGROS ORIENTAL CHAPTER  to signify their commitment to the local chapter.

Another thing is the attendance of three members to the Orientation Seminar to be conducted by the Technical Development Committee of the IECEP National Regarding the procedures in conducting CPD sanctioned seminars for the chapter.

The need to update the Officers for 2021 and its submission to the National Office.

Also, members are informed that the local chapter is capable of issuing COGS for members.

As it was the first meeting conducted after a some time, many things were discussed informally and over is considered as a good start for a more cohesive Negros Oriental Chapter.